The Visma brand is about improving people’s everyday lives.

We all enjoy the benefits of a functional and supportive society. That’s why we want to contribute to making it even better.

We do that by saving people time and effort on complex, cumbersome work tasks. We try to have a positive effect on society, both directly and indirectly, through our solutions.


For organisations
We simplify processes, enabling businesses and governments of all sizes to achieve more with the same resources, save money, and grow.

For employees
We free employees to focus on work that is more meaningful and brings higher business and social value.

For society
We deliver software for society by fuelling the organisations responsible for key private and public services.

A growing impact

What’s more, our impact is accelerating. People are increasingly affected by our technology, whether we talk of cloud solutions, welfare technology, or AI.

As the rate of digitalisation continues to increase, organisations are seeking new ways to maintain their operations remotely. Visma works hard to further these positive changes and actively contributes to developing solutions for real-world needs.

We want to be a trusted transformation partner, providing software solutions for society.

Looking for guidelines and assets

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