Our culture is what connects us. We share a common belief in community, shared responsibility, and equality.


We are Visma.

We believe and understand the value of our mission and are committed to realise its potential. That is why we take responsibility, for our own involvement, for supporting our co-workers and to deliver on our promise to our customers.

We spend a big part of our life working and what makes Visma a great place to be, is a shared understanding that we all, as individuals, are a valuable part of the equation. Working towards a clearly defined goal creates focus and at the same time freedom to explore, interact and have fun.


Work should be fun

With thousands of beating hearts in one organisation, sometimes we need to compromise. However the one thing we never compromise on is remaining a playful and inclusive work environment.

Work should be meaningful

We spend a big part of our life working. Of course it needs to be worthwhile! Collaborating with our customers, stakeholders and colleagues expands our perspective and allows us to see the fruits of our work. We know what we do, why we do it and the impact it has. Each of us is a valuable part of the team.

Work should empower us

We value everyone. Through trust, freedom and responsibility, every employee has the opportunity to grow and glow.

The importance of identity

Our brand identity is ultimately what we stand for as a company. What do we believe in and how do we cooperate with each other? How do we position ourselves across our markets? How do we build relationships with customers?

The core elements that define us—our people, our values, our vision, our ways of working, and our capabilities—also unite us as the Visma family. A strong brand identity is a signpost that guides all our activities inside and outside our organisation.

Companies with a clearly defined brand identity have been shown to do better in critical areas. Such companies have “greater corporate commitment to the brands, sharper positioning in the marketplace, a stronger sense of belonging to the group, and more coherent marketing and communications “ (Geyser & Urde, 2019).


Defining a brand identity

The framework we use to define Visma’s brand identity is composed of 9 elements, split into 3 layers:

How the company wants to position itself and be perceived by target groups.
The basic character and qualities the company has, and how this should be communicated.
People’s values and the operational realities of the company.

In the center is the brand core. A coherent brand identity means that all elements will inform and echo the brand core, and vice versa.


Brand identity framework

External Value Proposition
What are our key offerings, and how do we want them to appeal to customers and other stakeholders?
What should be the nature of our relationships with key customers and other stakeholders?
What is our intended position in the market and in the hearts and minds of key customers and other stakeholders?
External/Internal Expression
What is distinctive about the way we communicate and express ourselves and makes it possible to recognise us at a distance?
Brand Core
What do we promise, and what are the core values that sum up what our brand stands for?
What combination of human characteristics or qualities forms our corporate character?
Internal Vision & Mision
What engages us (mission)? What is our direction and inspiration (vision)?
What are our attitudes, and how do we work and behave?
What are we particularly good at, and what makes us better than the competition?
Greyser, S. & Urde, M. What Does Your Corporate Brand Stand For? Harvard Business Review. Published January–February, 2019.

Visma - brand identity

The Visma brand identity tells a unified story about who we are and what we stand for.

It gives us the Visma DNA and serves as a north star by providing direction and purpose. This fact-based common foundation enables us to build a strong and trustworthy Visma brand story internally and externally. This is how we tell the world about who we are and what we stand for and makes the Visma brand recognisable across multiple channels.

Defining Visma’s brand identity has been an iterative process of research, validation, reflection, and optimisation. It is a living model that evolves with our business and gives inspiration to the branding and communication efforts of Visma companies. For an even more complete explanation of the brand identity, the data-driven process behind it, and how it can be used in practice, go to this slide presentation.


Visma brand indentity

External Value Proposition
Enabling better and more sustainable human and technological capabilities
Open and transparent, committed and responsible
Optimizing for zero waste through a technology driven and customer-centric approach
External/Internal Expression
Experienced and engaged with a pragmatic and flexible approach
Brand Core
Empower people, businesses and society through technology
Entrepreneurial and competent with passion and dedication for innovation
Internal Vision & Mission
Shaping the future of society through technology
Empowering people by simplifying and automating complex processes
Inclusive and respectful, dynamic and passionate
Providing technology expertise through local and global market insights and customer-centric processes

How to use the framework

Look at the Visma brand identity above. What similarities and differences are there between your company and the Visma brand? How fully are you living these values, and how can you better tap into them in your communication?

If you see room for improvement, look at the questions in each of the 9 squares. Start a discussion with your team and any relevant stakeholders. How can you ensure your company is better connected and in line with the Visma brand?

Our values

The Visma values outline what our attitudes are and how we work and behave towards each other and our customers.