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The purpose of our brand is to connect, add value and to make a difference. That is what we use our design language for - making that mark and having a language that makes us memorable. To stand apart from the competition. To engage. And, reflect our personality.

design language

Our Design language

One Language, in all conversations.

A language is all about identity and culture. The language unifies us and gives us an identity as a group. A strong language defines us and tells others who we are and what values we have. With a language we can create meaning and purpose.

This creates a strong bond and value related to everything we do. And regardless of what we create, it is based on the language and tone-of-voice we call Nordic Cool.

Our design principles

In Visma we have a set of principles to guide us when we design, independently of making marketing web page or building a tool. These principles are meant to help us align, reduce arguments and guide us in our decision making process. The outcome of using them in our daily work should be clear priorities and focus on what matters.



We put people first

Knowing our customers and end-users ensures that we solve the right problems, say the right things, plan for the unexpected and thereby create value.


We are co-creatives

Collaborating with our customers, stakeholders and colleagues empowers us to expand our perspective and create meaningful solutions throughout the customer journey.


We are consistent, not uniform

We use a sophisticated design language and the same design patterns when possible, as it helps people get familiar with our products, communication and brand. We adapt to context and continuously evolve as user needs change.

The Nordic Cool ambiance

The Visma design language, Nordic Cool®, is best described as cool modernism. It associates with the classic values of renowned Nordic design: Bright, distinct, refined and reduced. When realized, or designed, Nordic Cool® manifests itself as still colors rather than hot, minimalist layout rather than busy, calm impressions rather than heated.

With Nordic Cool you set the Visma Ambiance that caters for a sophisticated, professional and cohesive customer experience. All visual design we do should resonate with the Nordic Cool ambiance.


The Nordic Cool design hierarchy model

Our visual design model showcases the hierarchy of the actual design components you can and should use when building a product. We use it to clarify what design components you need to follow and what is more free to invent yourself.

Our goal with this model is to empower teams with a toolset that caters for establishing the Nordic Cool ambiance (the blue parts), a set of building blocks to quickly get started and avoid reinventing wheels but also to encourage diversification and the possibility to adapt the product design to the target group at hand (the green parts).



narrative illustration



spot illustration



isometric illustration

Our voice

More and more interactions become less dependent on the visual part of things. Our message comes across in many different contexts and often our customers rely solely on what we say. Then it is crucial that our tone is easy to understand and pleasant.

If we use our tone-of-voice the right way it makes us more human, but at the same time helps us cut through. We know a customer’s first impression is established long before we can ever establish face-to-face communication. So, what we say in text and how we say it makes all the difference. Using our voice with the right tone builds authority and helps the customer focus on the right things. When we master our tone the customer will better understand our story and why we are different from others.


The tone & voice of Visma

Pleasant, but never bland
To the point, but never harsh
Smart, but not know-it-all
Playful, but not funny