We are driven by a shared goal of creating solutions that impact, drive and empower people, businesses and society.


Why are we here?

We are here because we want to make society better.
And that takes understanding the world around us and how we can help with technology. Exploring new solutions, pushing boundaries. Because we believe we can make an impact.


Our vision

Shaping the future of society through technology.

We work towards a more effective society and believe that technology is an essential ingredient. We seek to redefine the landscape of work—making it more efficient, flexible, and secure. Digitalisation continues at a record pace, and we take a firm and leading role in our efforts to digitalise both business and society.

Creating such change requires that we continually think long term about what our customers and society need. We stay in touch with these evolving needs through close contact and open dialogue with our customers and stakeholders. We participate in order to lead.

Over time, people have learned they can count on Visma to deliver solutions that make their everyday lives easier. At the same time, rising expectations mean that we have to constantly innovate our technologies, products, support, and ways of working.

We have many customers, from small businesses to large enterprises, from local municipalities to national governments, who are performing critical activities for society. Contributing positively to society is thus part of our core business. Our internal actions towards sustainability mean we are society-minded operationally as well.


On the way with our mission

Empowering people by simplifying and automating complex processes.

By enabling a better use of human and technological resources, we hope to improve lives in the short and long term.

By saving our customers time and increasing their efficiency, our solutions empower them to focus on activities that deliver more business and social value. They can be more productive, spend more time on meaningful projects, and have more fun, too.

We aim to deliver technological solutions and services that serve crucial needs in society.